Gerald Hale

Gerald Hale produces bronze-welded sculptures using found objects such as tin cans, spoons washers, wires, parts of typewriters, cogs etc., from his studio (garage) in the Tamar River Valley in northern Tasmania.

A keen observer of people and a man acutely aware of the strengths and frailties of human nature, Gerald manages to capture the humour of it all in his figurines – medical professionals, musicians, bikies, fishermen and animals, to name a few.

The uniqueness and artistry of his work stems from his ability to take life’s mistakes, accidents, disasters and infinite ordinariness and turn them into something remarkable that captivates, amuses and inspires.

Gerald’s greatest pleasure is to see people smile and laugh at his work.

He has a regular stall at Hobart’s famous Salamanca market, exhibits in galleries and undertakes commissions.