Our Story

Gerald's Studio

Bronze welding or bronzing is a fantastic creative way of putting pieces together to make a steel sculpture to last forever.

In between jobs I had an epiphany that I should provide the world with silly things made out of billy’s hence the name silly billy’s. Below you can see one of my first creations.
From here my ideas evolved into using recycled materials.Silly Billy Number One

I am lucky enough to be able to do that from my studio (shed) on the shores of the beautiful Tamar River near the famous Batman Bridge in Northern Tasmania. I create bronze welded sculptures using found, recycled and donated objects such as typewriters, cutlery, wire, sheet metal, bearings, old clock gears…almost anything made from steel.

At the Market

I seem to be able to take life’s mistakes accidents disasters and infinite ordinaries and turn them into sculptures that captivate amuse and inspire.

I call these creations Silly Billy’s.